Size Estimator

Below we’ve listed some of our standard storage unit sizes, however we have a variety of unit sizes not shown here ranging all the way up to 4x30. Click here to see what sizes and specials we have available.


Walk-in Closet

The size of a hall closet or half bath; will hold small furniture such as a chest of drawers, several boxes (stacked) and smaller or season items. (25 sf)

5'x5' Storage Unit
5'x5' Storage Unit


Mid Size Bedroom

The size of a standard walk-in closet; will hold a couch, chair, shelving units, desk, small boxes and small items. (50 sf)

5'x10' Storage Unit
5'x10' Storage Unit


Mid Size Bedroom

The size of a very large walk-in closet; will hold furnishings from a one bedroom apartment including refrigerator, washer/dryer and small boxes. (70 sf)

5'x15' Storage Unit
5 x 15 storage unit' Storage Unit


3 Bedrooms

The size of an average bedroom; will hold furnishings from a two bedroom apartment or small house. (80 sf)

8'x10' Storage Unit
10'x15' Storage Unit


Family Room

The size of a large bedroom; will hold sofa, tables, chairs, dining sets, television, refrigerator, washer/dryer plus boxes. (100 sf)

10'x10' Storage Unit
10'x10' Storage Unit


Large House

The size of an extra-long garage; will hold furnishings from a four or five bedroom house with major appliances.
(300 sf)

10'x30' Storage Unit
10'x30' Storage Unit

Admin Fee Waived

  • Free use of hand truck/dolly for move in
  • Free Padlock

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